• Rb2050
  • How to imagerollerheads
  • Rb2050
  • How to imagerollerheads

Product Information

Retro Roller Microneedling Tool

Ready for total rejuvenation? Roll your skin back to smooth, toned, renewed radiance and a youthful-looking glow.

RETRO Roller’s titanium microneedles facilitate exfoliation, rejuvenate and improve the skin’s appearance with a series of regular and a small interchangeable roller heads that enable effective treatment of both prominent and hard to reach areas. Finish with your favorite RETRO CO serum and moisturizer for enhanced absorption and benefits.

Instant Face Lift is non-Invasive and pain-free and safe for most skin types.

Proven Benefits:
  • Facilitates skin exfoliation
  • Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Smoothes and refines the complexion
  • Improves the appearance of scars
  • Enhances the absorption of skincare products
  • Provides cumulative benefits with continued use

How To Use

  1. Wash and pat skin dry
  2. Fill the spray bottle with Isopropyl alcohol (75%)
  3. Select desired head attachment
  4. Spray head attachment with the isopropyl alcohol (75%)
  5. Let dry


  1. Using gentle pressure and moderate speed, roll back and forth 4-5 times vertically as directed
  2. Using gentle pressure and moderate speed, roll back and forth 4-5 times horizontally as directed
  3. Limit each rolling session to 2 minutes
  4. Follow with Retro Renew Plant Stem Cell Serum
  5. Repeat 3-4 times per week, every other day


  1. Spray the tool and head with Isopropyl alcohol
  2. Let dry
  3. Store in a clean, sanitary environment


  • Not intended for use on eyelids
  • Apply gentle pressure at all times
  • Follow directions carefully for safety
  • Do not use on broken or irritated skin
  • Replace attachments as recommended
  • Do not share the tool with others
  • Clean with alcohol after each use

* Refer to product insert for full instructions and precautions prior to use.


  • One (1) regular size interchangeable head with 600 - 0.3 mm titanium needles
  • One (1) small size interchangeable head with 240 - 0.3 mm titanium needles
  • Empty spray bottle
  • User Manual
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I wasn't sure about microneedling at first. This tool does not hurt. The needles do not draw blood. I use this around my mouth lines and WOW, it works! I use my LED Fast Facial mask after and my face glows in the morning!